Monday, 13 January 2014

Wonderful Vacation Destinations For 2013

The summer is a time for festive occasions and beautiful locations, and that is why, in the coming months, you may want to look into a few special destinations to consider!
1. Magdalen Islands
A small strip of islands near Nova Scotia, the Magdalen Islands are great for summer outdoors enthusiasts. Featuring a variety of exciting landscapes (from rolling hills to beachside cliffs), these islands are ideal for adventurous water sports enthusiasts.
Magdalen Islands - Magdalen Islands
Magdalen Islands

2. Solomon Islands
The south Pacific region’s best destinations have largely been taken over by resorts and commercial interests, but in the Solomon Islands you can find a genuine and beautiful “old” south Pacific experience. Scuba diving and a thriving local culture are just a few of the perks.
Solomon Islands - World Travel Destination
Solomon Islands

3. Montreal, Canada
Mixing traditional elements of old world European cities with the vibrancy of a thriving modern metropolis, Montreal is a truly exceptional city in a beautiful location. Throw in the renowned local cuisine, and you’ve got a fantastic destination.
Montreal, Canada -World Travel Destination

4. Rwanda
Often overlooked due to its genocidal history, Rwanda is now a peaceful country, and one that is gorgeous to visit. Perfect for incredible activities like safaris and gorilla tracking, Rwanda is an ideal African getaway.
Rawanda - World Travel Destination

5. The Greek Isles
Okay, so this isn’t a unique suggestion. But nothing matches the Greek isles for relaxation or beauty. Consider Mykonos as a destination, as the island has all of the beauty of Santorini with more affordable prices and a livelier atmosphere.
The Greek Isles - world Travel Destination
The Greek Isles

6. California, United States
If you’re considering visiting the States, California may be the way to go. Gorgeous coastline, famous wine country, and access to a number of America’s most interesting cities make this a great choice.
California, United States - World Travel Destination
California, United States
7. Dominican Republic
Really, you can’t go wrong in the Caribbean. But with the Dominican Republic still emerging as a destination, it can offer the pristine beauty of nearby islands, often at a fraction of the cost.
 Dominican Republic - world Travel Destination
Dominican Republic

8. Montenegro
Beautiful landscapes, a festive riviera, and an expanding array of magnificent hiking trails make Montenegro a dynamic and fascinating destination in Europe. It’s not cheap, but it’s a stunning vacation.
9. Brazil
Brazil is always recommended as a top travel destination, but in the next few years the recommendation should be emphasized. As Brazil gears up for major international events (both the World Cup and the Olympics), the region should only grow more impressive (and safer).
Brazil - world Travel Destination

10. Azore Islands
One of the most unique destinations on Earth, the Azores are located well west of Portugal in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. With their own culture, cuisine, and spectacular volcanic island scenery, the Azore Islands offer a gorgeous vacation.
Azore Islands - World Travel Destination
Azore Islands


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